Touched By The World

A great sage studied alchemy for thirty years. He learned chemistry and magic, studied texts and meditated for months, acquired mantras and secret herbs. But he was unable to transform his metal begging bowl to gold. One day a woman coming from the market carrying a basket of spices, singing, walked by and bumped into the sage. Her spices fell into his begging bowl. Instantly it turned to gold. (India)

Such is the art of the right story at the right time….

1. to brighten with light
2. to intellectually and spiritually enlighten
3. to emblaze, illumine, radiate, highlight, glisten, ennoble, enrich, ensoul, uplift, regenerate, renew, and transform

My intention is to share what I have learned and love about the unique event of storytelling through descriptions of my work and reflections on stories; to open the treasure house of what takes place in order to illuminate rather than illustrate or explain. I am interested in how the traditional symbolic tales, often misunderstood as cultural artifact or less than real, are the means that reaches beyond habitual story to connect us to reality. In my work, I am moved by how storytelling alleviates suffering, and uncovers inherent joy, regardless of circumstance. To know our own story, to live in the present and imagine our future, is to be released from the stories that cause conflict, fixation and unnecessary hatred. Each post will be an essay with a story; and additional material and or recordings will be included.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 1.50.56 PM“Laura Simms reminds us that when life becomes demanding and difficult, we don’t have to cave in. Through recognizing the space of our minds, meditation opens us up to a world of possibility.” -Shambhala, NYC

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