“Laura Simms is both artist and shaman”
JJ Reynoux, Cajun storyteller
“Laura has a spellbinding way of leading listeners into the heart of  a story that makes it impossible not to follow”
Chicago Tribune
“The dramatic force of her performance enthralls..  the magic that is an integral part of her storytelling goes home with all of us.” 
Salt Lake Tribune


LAURA SIMMS has a lifetime of experience and study in the restorative joy of engagement, and the healing power of story telling.   She is a myth teller, a poet of spoken and written word, a master teacher and meditation instructor, and a humanitarian developing projects, for youth and adults, using narrative as compassionate action ,worldwide.  Her groundbreaking performances conjure the wisdom of myth, fairytale and folklore combined with a revelation of the mythic in our every day lives.   Her coaching and teaching are legendary. There are few storytellers today who bring her depth of experience to the joyful  realization and benefits of engaged storytelling.
Pink LotusThe Laura Simms.com website is a treasure house – of information about
Laura’s work and performances – and  a place to find useful materials, stories,
handouts, recordings and selected descriptions of programs designed over the
last 45 years.


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