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Rave Reviews

“She is a perennial favorite of children everywhere.”

–Daily News, New York

“Laura Simms is a master whose presence,
humor, voice and stories invite us to explore
and expand our understanding of the world.
She gently takes us to a place of confounding
and mythical crossroads. With charm and a touch
of surprise, Laura brings us to a place of
wisdom and good sense. I am internally grateful!
Audiences’ response is astonishing. This is
storytelling at its finest, and the way to
unlock meaning and compassion for young people
in the world today.”

–Marianna Houston
Education Director, Theater Development Fund

“Laura Simms is spellbinding!
She captivates the audience’s eyes and ears with
her riveting performance.”

–Central New York Community Arts Council

“I loved her philosophy and
approach. Best of all she brought a message of hope.”

–Principal, Charlton School District

“Laura Simms’ performance is a must.
Children and adults lined up around the block,
waiting to see one of the best in a field that’s
falling away in a world dominated by the visual.
There is really nothing like a story told in a way
that piques your imagination and entertains at the
same time. She makes words come alive until the
audience is totally engrossed in the story she is telling.”

–Edmonton International Children’s Theatre Festival

Three Golden Apples

A Turkish fairytale that takes place in
three worlds with heroes and heroines,
monsters and dragons to be overcome.
True friendship and peace is found.
This was originally created for Lincoln Center
and performed in more than 180 schools
throughout New York City.
50 Minutes. Elementary schools Grades 2 – 6

Mud Sisters and Other Tales About

A true life tale of growing up
in Brooklyn and other stunning tales.
55 Minutes and five tales. Ages 7 – 12

The Giant with No Heart

A program including a magnificent
tale from Norway about the true power
of kindness, and four other stories.
Includes participation and folktales for young
45 minutes.

An Ocean of Stories

Tales about the environment and our relationship
to the natural world. Based on Laura’s
work with SEED, a project in 32 countries
honoring water, and her own award winning CD,
Four Legged Tales.
For All Ages.

For information on pricing and schedule please call (212)674-3479

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