MAKING PEACE: Telling Our Story

Engaged storytelling is a dynamic peace education tool. The reciprocal process of imaginative/emotional/intelligent engagement that takes place between teller and listener as a story is told and heard engenders presence, empathy, peace, and conflict transformation. Listeners, drawn into the unfolding events of a story, whether personal or cultural, live the story through their unique visualization and association. A well-trained practitioner offers and experiential antidote to isolation and aggression at the place where transformation occurs. The essence of my work is to both engage young people in listening deeply to stories, and to creating stories of their own that render them peace makes. Giving voice imaginatively and through narrative can alter a conflictual dynamic exposing profound common ground.

Click here to download a PDF document that includes further description and storytelling activities.

Making Peace

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Making Peace – Heart Uprising
A collection of stories focused on transforming aggression into compassion.
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MAKING PEACE: Telling Our Story

  1. HI Laura!
    A friend of mine- JoanaThuston- gave me the address of your website.
    I would love to come to NY end of February till 7th of March: would you be performing at that moment? I would be very happy to attempt one of your shows!
    I am a theater actress, and a drama teacher in different private workshops , also in Highschools. And always highly interested in others ‘ skills…
    If you ever come to France, please let me know: you’re welcome home in Bois le Roi , as I own a holiday Cottage.
    All the best !

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