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The Gift of Story
A terrific gift for any occasion. You select the value and the delivery method (via mail or email.) Each gift certificate is good for merchandise, coaching, workshops, other and opportunities to work with Laura.

Price: $15.00

*Finalist for ForeWord Reviews 2011 Book of the Year

Our Secret Territory

The Essence of Storytelling

Written by Laura Simms
with a foreword by Deena Metzger

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This may be the most important book written about storytelling and its benefits in the world today. Our Secret Territory explores the power of storytelling and how it can serve as a tool for compassionate service. The book contains tales from around the world, reflections on the symbolic journeys they express, and stories about Laura’s work with people in need in many countries.

Price: $20.00

Stories to Nourish the Hearts

of Our Children

Created by Laura Simms
with cover illustration by Tatjiana Krizmanic

A collection of 18 stories to learn and tell to children to help them in a time of crisis. Available for Kindle at .

Robe of Love

Price: $20.00

The Robe of Love

Secret Instructions for the Heart

Retold by Laura Simms

Acclaimed storyteller Laura Simms gives us a rich tapestry of tales that unveil the secrets of love in all of its forms. Passionate, riveting, often humorous, these stories of emotional, physical, and spiritual love come from a variety of traditions, including Celtic, Inuit, Persian, Hindu, and Jewish. As meaningful today as when they were first told, her evocative retellings of these tales of the mysteries of the heart lead us to the many faces and profound requirements of love.

Becoming the World

Price: $20.00

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Becoming the World

Workbook by Laura Simms
with illustrations by Jane Windfield

Becoming the World is a powerful workbook developed for storytellers, teachers, child psychologists, social workers, and caregivers of all sorts and ages to use storytelling as a inner guide to uncovering tolerance and wisdom. Available now in eBook format. More details…

The Power of Story

Price: $30.00

The Power of Story

Women and Wild Animals & Dance Without End

Told by Laura Simms, Four Volume CD

These tales from native cultures around the world share the theme of women, woman-spirit and animals. Professional storyteller Laura Simms has a splendid voice; she truly tells, rather than narrates, each piece. The nuances of each unusual story are enlivened with her spellbinding telling. The accompanying music, played on 19 different instruments, is evocative and haunting. The uniqueness of the instruments, from the bamboo flute and didgeridoo to the Irish bodran to the caxixi, are of cultural interest in themselves.
~Review by Nann Blaine Hilyard – AudioFile

Key to the Heart

Price: $10.00
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A Key to the Heart

and other Afghan tales

Illustrated by Children of Afghanistan & America
Adapted by Laura Simms

Afghan tales in both Dari and English. A 66-page full color book illustrated by schoolchildren in NYC and in Afghanistan created as a partnership between Laura and Chocolate Sauce to benefit the education of Afghani children. The book is also sold at the Rubin Museum of Art. Read about the project here.

Price: $20.00

The King of Togo Togo & Other Stories

by Laura Simms, Two Volume CD

With the stories on this remastered award-winning tape, the listener will be introduced to characters who use their inner strengths to conquer the obstacles set before them. Included in this collection are stories like “Moon and Otter,” a love story reminiscent of Cinderella that shows the ability of love and kindness to transform ugliness, and “The Flower of Life” a story about a king, his sons, and the power of love to overcome violence and cruelty. Each of the stories includes a powerful message made memorable by Laura’s entertaining storytelling. Told simply, all of the stories on this tape can be easily understood by children, but contain a depth of meaning that will delight every listener. Ages 6 & up.

Price: $7.99

Rotten Teeth

Written by Laura Simms
Illustrated by David Catrow

Speaking in front of the class isn’t easy for small people like Melissa Herman. Especially when there’s nothing very special to say about her house or her family or herself. But with the help of her older brother, Melissa borrows a bottle from her father’s dental office to take to show and tell. The teacher is appalled, but the children are intrigued. David Catrow’s hilariously zany illustrations reveal that there is nothing ordinary about Melissa Herman, or her house or her family. The bright artwork is laugh-aloud funny and will have children begging to hear the story again, or maybe invent their very own tale.

Price: $17.00

Making Peace • Heart Uprising

Told by Laura Simms, CD

The stories on Making Peace – Heart Uprising are about transforming aggression into compassion. They can be listened to as a continuous story within a story or as single pieces. The hidden, unspoken story is the experience of oneness, and the magic inherent in both myth and our everyday events. The stories are come from the ancients, but are just as often mixed with tales from the streets of New York. Guest musician include percussionist Randy Crafton, world flautist Steve Gorn, West African griot Abdul Rahman Mangara, singer Deborah Mirabel Rothrock, and Julia Haines on harp and vocals. Earwig Music.

Price: $17.00

*Grammy Nominee

Four Legged Tales

Animal Stories from Here and Away

Told by Laura Simms
Accompanied by The Real Myth Ensemble

STORIES INCLUDE: Rabbit and Lion (Zimbabwe); Dog and Elephant (India/Persia); Two Bears (NW Coast Indian); Monkey, Partridge and Elephant (India), and other tales from the Inuit people, Blackfoot Indian, Byclorusse, Nepal, Osage Indian, West Africa, and Jataka. Ensemble members include Jorge Alfano Randy Crafton Amy Platt also appearing:Steve Gorn, Brad Dutz, Michelle Kinney, and Ishmael Beah.

“I got your four legged tales CD for my girls and they LOVVVVVE it! (i am sure you hear this A LOT!) We listen to it in the car as we go an a lot of road trips. They ask that we drive around so they can hear the end of a story, or listen to another. It has really spoiled us, as now we enjoy storytelling CDs, but other ones are quite disappointing in comparison. Thank you and band for your magical work.”

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