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Upcoming Events (2021)



24 March, 7pm EST- OARS IN THE WATER with Lani Petersen and Laura Simms
sponsored by the Healing Story Alliance
31 March – Storytelling as part of the Festival of the Fool , Norway (virtual)
1 April – Panel on the Fool in Story part of the Festival of the Fool
1 April, 8 – 9:30 pm EST- Storytelling( private event) , with four coaches including Laura.  Sponsored by Elevate
5 April – STORYTELLER’S BOOK CLUB (UK/virtual) Laura talks about The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich,  sponsored by the The Unruly Tongue and Tracy Collins
14 April ,  Beeston Tales Storytelling Club led by Tim Ralph (virtually from Nottingham, UK). Laura tells The Ostrich   Feather and The Dove’s Egg
Events Coming Soon
Saturday Nights – The Women’s Story Salon, facilitated by Terri Mateer. Laura with other writers and storytellers
22 May,    Laura tells a story as part of Better Said Then Done’s celebration of the 10 year anniversary with a show    titled “Perfect Ten”
June-July, Saturday 11 – 12 am  EST –  The Hans Christian Andersen Series (virtual)
Continuous classes,  In school concerts and work with YAI and ARTS CONNECTION NYC















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