Personal Coaching/Mentoring

The story is not merely a telling.
It is not merely a remembering.
The story is an action.
The story is a bringing something forth.
The story, followed, enacted, and living,
is a world coming into being.

                                                                                                                 Deena Metzger

Uncover,  develop and transform your story for personal healing, performance, speaking engagements  or professional development. Harvest the vital images and events that express the heart of  your journey or learn the unique skills of an engaging storyteller.   Laura’s insights for  individuals and/or groups is exquisite.  She helps you  invigorate narratives  to  deepen and enrich  performances, speaking, educating, or healing events.   Her approach renders business and leadership stories worth telling.  Often using the structure of fairy tales and myths (the most potent  symbolic stories), Laura guides individuals, families, or groups to discover authentic meaning that can  reframe personal narratives with compassion.  She also trains teachers, therapists and those working with youth (of all ages) to use stories for multiple benefits.   She works with individuals or groups; artists, ecologists, novelists, families, activists, professional storytellers have found this work invaluable.  She also provides storytelling for  offices or communities in transition.

THERE ARE DIFFERENT WAYS TO WORK WITH LAURA -Individually or in small groups – in your organization or school – or in a private house setting with invited guests.  Please speak with Laura to discuss your interest:

  1.  Explore and Develop a significant personal memoir story:  uncover the story you would like to tell, write and share.  Depending you can work towards a one person performance or a single tale.
  2.  Prepare a story for performance or presentation for specific audiences and/or situations – this is invaluable for educators, speakers, healers or those in humanitarian or leadership fields.  Either a personal tale, anecdote, or traditional story or an interweave of different stories.  combines technique, preparation and coaching.  Laura works with your individual need.
  3. Bringing a traditional wisdom tale to life with relevance for today’s world.   Learning how to tell a fairytale or mythic story demands unique storytelling skills.
  4. Mentorship is a longterm in depth commitment.  Laura provides an online individualized course of study that includes research, face to face meetings, creative writing and coaching. 3 months to a year.  (please write or call for prices and more information)
  5. Small Group story generating mythic conversations.  Up to ten participants working on personal stories individually and in pairs to explore themes, and learn the techniques of making a story  matter.

  This is a rare chance to work with a master teacher. Please speak with Laura to tailor your sessions for your needs.  One or two hour meetings are available, in person or via Skype.   One meeting or long term engagement can be reserved.  Come alone or with a small group.  Sessions can be taped on request.

The general fee for an hour coaching session is $150  An initial 2 hour session is recommended and the special fee is $225.00

For more information call 212-674-3479
or email

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