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Engaged Storytelling is a spiritual path. Telling stories is a compassionate restorative act in the world.  It is unique among all more passive solo and narrative forms.  Knowing the heart of storytelling supports not only performers, but writers, and anyone engaged in public discourse of any kind.  Storytelling has become a buzz word. But a knowledge of the unique aspects that distinguish storytelling brings greater benefit and effect.

The Mentor Program  is an individualized process guided by Laura Simms . We develop either a story for performance, a concert, spoken presentation, or written  project including memoirs and hybrid literary or performance forms.  Whether you choose to work with a traditional narrative or  personal stories, we take practical steps to uncover what it is that you want to do, and work from the inside to the outside of our stories.  A genuine  story has meaning beyond the text. It comes full blossom in the reciprocity of the event whether spoken or written.

Many of us are uncertain as to the value of our stories, or if we even have a story to tell.  Our work is full of revelalation and insight into the genuine and sacred (meaning multidimensional) nature of story and reveals the essence of what we need to do for ourselves and how we can bring our project alive to benefit others.  The mentor program includes assignments tailored to each individual, conversations and commentary,  journaling, and research.   We uncover cultural and universal significance of image, symbol, and metaphor.  There are ten assignments, ten private coaching hours, and enriching homework.  The New Mentor Program  lasts  three months, and a life time.  Laura will work with only four participants each few months and offers group conversations once a month where we share our work and enhance our understandings.

It is natural to tell stories. It is how the mind works:  making sense and sequence to events and ideas.  However,  stories  hold within their words, images, character interactions and events far more than the literal or metaphoric. We work from the view that story is a universe of occurrences that penetrate the teller and the listener.   Honoring the profundity and richness possible in live storytelling, we benefit from  relearning   how to prepare a story, embody  a story  and offer a story to others that respects both the cultural origin of a story,  the lived experience, and the diverse audiences we serve.   As one student, a long time practitioner said, “You ruined storytelling for me.” Then she explained lovingly that she had worked with assumptions that limited her performance and realization of the way storytelling functions. 

We are experiencing an unmitigated concern for the consequences of  climate change,  loss of connection to natural magic, spirit, and the wildness of the  world.  Forgetting our true heart selves we are living with   disembodied communication that leads to violence and opinions.  We urgently need ways to open to the fundamental treasure house of knowing, presence, and abiding interdependence.  Whether you tell a personal tale or tale(s)  the healing power of mythic image and imagination is our path.   The Mentor Program refreshes our capacity for transformation and awareness.   Storytelling is more necessary than ever before.
Laura Simms


 Three month long-distance learning experience that includes:Each participant learns how to prepare a single “traditional” story or a personally developed event or presentation, for performance or publication in a step by step unfolding process.

The course is relevant for storytellers, educators, writers, therapists, healers, business people; anyone who recognizes the potency  of communication, compassion, and engagement  in the world today as a healing force of repair and restoration.


1. How to prepare a story –  including research, exploration of personal association and development of the tale as a living medicine.
2. What constitutes meaning in an engaged performance
3. How to discern between what is happening in a story and personal projection
4. Structure of the story and architecture of the event
5. Mapping a story – lifting it off the page into a dynamic ritual event
6. How does a story relate to our personal lives and how do we tell our own stories
7. The responsibility and role of the storyteller
8. The Mentor program is tailor made for each participants needs and intentions in using storytelling in the world today.
9. How to begin and end a story that invites and cares for listeners
10. What are the classic forms of stories and how do we distinguish them from one another.
11. From where do we gain confidence to engage others, and to resource our own inherent creativity and compassion


 There is an essay that introduces each session with  assignments, a story to explore, and quotes to contemplate. It provides a printed course with invaluable tips for  preparation, deep work  and performance.

Each participant has ten hour conversations with Laura, as well as  response to assignments and reflections through an email exchange. Each session is recorded and made available. At present all meetings are online.

The MENTORSHIP is relevant to all levels of experience – dependent on the commitment, experience and time of each participant. The nature of on line study demands a personal dedication

The total cost for the Mentor Program is $1400.  This includes the initial set up fee, all access to blogs, email and monthly calls. IF YOU PAY TOTAL UPFRONT there is a reduced rate of $1300.

Payment by Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or check. To pay in installments please speak to Laura
To pay in installments:

Checks may be sent to and made out to:
Laura Simms
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If you are interested in joining a mentor series please call Laura Simms. Please phone 646-732-0696 or send an email outlining your interest and background in storytelling to



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