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Your role as storyteller is an uncanny combination of ordinary presence, heightened spontaneity, and awareness.  No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned storyteller, a speaker, leader, writer, or actor, the Storm of Joy Storytelling process will take you deep into the art of genuine oral storytelling.
What is it inside your imagination that keeps surprising you?
How about a new story you want to tell?  How about an old story you want to refine?  Is it a contemporary retelling of a mythic tale? Could it be a poem you’d like write and perform?  Is it your funny bone tickling your side with a joke?
Whatever it is inside your imagination, join us for this extremely useful and powerful workshop: The Storm of Joy Storytelling Intensive.  We promise you will leave with new stories and remarkable insights.
This workshop will fill up. Register now. Limit 16.
Go to:
$175.00 ($50.00 nonrefundable deposit required)
$200.00 at the door
Some beds available for out of town guests (call: (212) 674-3479)
814 Broadway b/w 11th & 12th St
Our limit is 16. Register now.
Lunch and snacks served.
For more information write to:
Or call: (646) 732-0696



    • Thinking Like a Storyteller

    • Opening the Sky: The Path of Listening

      Listening is discerning between our assumed ideas and opinions to hearing what is actually being said. It is a very special kind of presence that does not deny our assumptions but provides the space for listening to ourselves as well. This deep access to being in the world as it is is the key to healing and to individual joy. It is the place that through patience, trust and compassion allows us to work with skill and care.
      The day will progress from exercises in presence and sharing, to listening and hearing, to exploring the ways in which we can regard our own story and self nourishment with strength and confidence. It is the secret key that opens the space of transformation on a large scale.
      We will work with a single folktale to take us throughout the day.

    • Transforming Monsters

      Every participant becomes involved in “making a monster” and constructing a powerful story about how transformation takes place. Through a step by step method of working with a traditional tale as template, and mindfulness practices that uncover presence, we create two stories: an imaginative narrative and a personal story. We expand our ability to find fresh solutions, unhooking us from habitual patterns of limiting self storytelling, and deepen our facility to listen and engage in the world.
      The workshop combines story listening, creative writing, dialogue and dyads, with contemplative exercises, and discussion.

    • Trusting the Noble Heart

    • What a Beautiful Road

Engaged Storytelling is authentic narrative. It is an event that takes place in the present between living storyteller and listener. These daylong workshops are relevant for storytellers of all levels of experience, educators, writers, and healers. Telling and hearing a story is unique in effect, profound benefits and experience. It can relieve immediate stress, open 
the possibilities for transformative dialogue and the capacities for fresh insight, and penetrate beneath the limited veneer of concept and habitual stories to our inherent connection to mythic presence. Learning how the process of listening works; which stories bring benefit; how to uncover genuine personal story combining memory and symbol; and when and what makes a story capable of self revelation, repair of disconnection from nature and spirit, enhance trust and provide noninvasive intervention is fundamental. Many of the most difficult issues today – including bullying, intolerance, apathy for learning, and overwhelming emotions – are addressed through recognizing and experiencing the actualized process of storytelling.
Each participant works on a personal tale and a mythic journey uncovering a path of storytelling that accesses inner wisdom, and relates to our everyday lives. The Laura Simms Engaged Storytelling Process is a step by step discovery of the complexity and wealth of narrative that is relational, and revelatory.
Saturdays: (10 am to 7 pm) at 814 Broadway #3 Limited to 10

$120.00 single day – click the paypal link and please specify desired workshops:
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$300.00 three days – click paypal link and please specify desired workshops:

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Schedule 10 – 1 pm (lunch out) 2 – 4 pm (tea/here) 5 – 7 pm

Each day tailored to those present. Can be taken separately or as a three part course

January 18 – Personal Story in Fairytale Structure
February 15 – From Memory to Story
March 8 – Transforming Our Lives
May 17 – Prepare to Change : Mythic Thinking

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