Voice & Story: Open the Sky

Two workshops with Laura Simms and Frank Kane

The Path to Listening

Friday, February 24 – Sunday, February 26, 2012

At the Round House, 68 Van Nuys Road, Colrain, Massachusetts 01340
Two days and one evening $375.00 includes room and board, pay via PayPal

Opening Nine Locks

Friday, February 10 – Saturday February 11, 2012

At the Story Loft, 814 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
There will be an additional daylong workshop offered by Frank and Laura on Sunday February 12 for those who want to go deeper.
$150 dollars for two day workshop, pay via PayPal (+$100.00 for additional Sunday, pay via PayPal)

We are transformed as we listen, speak and sing. The oldest spiritual traditions, and all cultures, have harnessed the power of sound and vibration – and have seen them as the building blocks of life itself. Songs and stories have healing properties, leading people out of alienation and fragmentation into community and wholeness. How we use our voice is crucial to the potency of performance as a transformative art. In the Republic of Georgia,folk songs and remarkable tales have been consciously used as tools to maintain inner harmony and social cohesion, and to restore psychological balance.

At these uniquely experiential and important workshops you will learn and sing Georgian songs, and re-imagine and retell stories. We will work with a symbolic tale called HEN AND ROOSTER featured in Laura’s new book, OUR SECRET TERRITORY.

We will be listening and “voicing”, in special narrative, sounds and song. Through exercises with sound, vibration and movement, we will activate our individual and collective alchemy as actors, observers, and receivers. And as we engage in deep listening to a highly symbolic and viscerally potent Georgian tale, we will explore how visualization, spoken word and listening open the mind to a deeper recognition of wisdom and presence, which ultimately leads to natural compassion.

This is a rare opportunity to study with two masters of their art forms. Both artists committed to exploring the inner secrets of sound and listening that are at once deeply personal and communal.

Laura Simms has been sharing with us the transformative power of stories and storytelling throughout her long and distinguished career. For this occasion she will focus on the Georgian/Caucasian tales that she finds especially rich and meaningful at this time.

Frank Kane has been learning, singing and teaching Georgian folk songs for almost 30 years. He draws on the implicit technique of Georgian singers and uses exercises with sound and vibration to allow us to express and enhance our speaking and singing voices.

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